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Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
    The TDLR permits and licenses all weather modification operations in the State of Texas.
Southwest Research Institute
    The SwRI has worked with the TWMA in the past on research of the Edwards Trinity Aquifer.
National Center for Atmospheric Science
    The TWMA has a great relationship with one of the leaders in weather modification research in the world.
Desert Research Institute
    The TWMA also has a great relationship with DRI who is also known as one of the leaders in weather modification research.
Weather Modification Association
    All members of the TWMA are also members of the WMA.
American Meteorological Society
    The AMS holds a biannual conference on weather modification within their large annual meeting.
National Weather Association
    Some members of the TWMA are also members of the NWA.
Weather Modification Inc.
    Weather Modification Operations and Services in North Dakota

Benefit Cost-Analysis:

TWMA Benefit Cost-Analysis - Johnson 2014
    An analysis showing a 1:19 direct return of investment with a 1:38 return on the state level.
WCTWMA Benefit Cost-Analysis - Johnson 2001
    An analysis showing upwards to $10 million in economic return for a target area near Abilene, TX.
HPWCD Benefit Cost-Analysis - Wyatt/Carver 1997
    An analysis showing increases over the four major crops grown within the target area of $10-$34/acre.

Research (email texas.wma@gmail.com for links to the research projects below):


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Recharge Enhacement - Jennings/Green 2014
Wyoming Pilot Project - 2014
North Dakota Benefit Cost-Analysis - 2009

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PGCD - Whitedeer, TX
SOAR - Plains, TX
STWMA - Pleasanton, TX
TPWMA - Barstow, TX
WTWMA - San Angelo, TX

        Links of Interest:

Texas Dept. Licensing and Regulatio

National Center for Atmos. Research

Southwest Research Institute

Desert Research Institute


Weather Modification Assoc

American Meteorological Society

National Weather Association